Hello, beautiful friends!

I am Katerina, a Cypriot-born and bred, living and breathing for trips and adventure. My thirst for explorations and adventure in faraway countries is insatiable and the more I travel, the more my soul yearns for new experiences! How did all begin though and how did it end in the creation of this site?

My Story

They say that the wanderlust gene is hereditary. I guess this applies in my case since I come from a family of «travellers». My dad who also loves adventure and has even accompanied me in many of my trips decided to initiate me into the magical world of traveling at the age of 12. The first time I got on a plane was to travel to Switzerland for vacation. My eyes were opened to an entirely new world and all I wanted was to see more of it. In due course, I realized that traveling is the best form of education, at least for me. I saw things under a new microscope, I was more open-minded and dealt with the world in quite a different way than my peers.

Many years and many trips after, I decided to create diarywings.com in May 2015 so I could speak about my endless stories from distant India, exotic Costa Rica and the rest of the destinations I visit every year. My goal is to inspire those who wish to travel but do not, either because of financial constraints or because of other, personal reasons. I am here to show you how to plan cost-effective, but yet “luxury-ish” trips abroad and to prove that if you really, really want something, nothing can stop you from realizing your dream.

What is Diary Wings shop? 

Diary Wings Shop, is an e-commerce website, where you can find all things travel related! From retro suitcase stickers to passport covers and inspirational t-shirts with my designs. DW-shop is the PERFECT place to buy a gift for your travel obsessed friend or treat yourself with one of a kind present.

Exploring the pages of my new baby – the Diary Wings e-shop- you will soon realise that it’s divided into two sections.



The Gift Shop

At the Gift Shop, you will find travel gifts for your loved ones and for yourself. Passport covers, luggage tags, coffee mugs with inspirational on funny travel quotes, cute T-shirts, photography equipment, luggage and basically ANYTHING that screams travelling and adventure.

Many of the products found on this website have a link, redirecting you to Amazon.co.uk or Zazzle.co.uk.* Do not worry! This is perfectly safe! Let me explain to you how it works!

How to Buy a Product

Let’s say you really loved that ADIOS MUG and you want to purchase it. This is what you have to do.

  1. Click on the “BUY ADIOS MUG HERE”
  2. You will then be redirected to Zazzle.co.uk where you can purchase the mug. You need to Sign Up or Log in if you already have an account and buy the ADIOS MUG the way you would normally do in any other e-shop.
  3. You are done! Now you have purchased the ADIOS MUG!

It will work the same way in case you get redirected to Amazon.co.uk. The only difference is that the products in Amazon.co.uk are NOT created by me. Zazzle gives me the opportunity to create my own products so everything you see from Zazzle is my own design.

Many of the things included in this section, like the cameras, the photography gear, I use on daily basis or when I am off to a new adventure. But there is also a special part called “#DWSQUAD GIFTS”. My new favourite project!

DWsquad (meaning Diary Wings Squad) is a travel community here in Cyprus I created at the beginning of 2017. This group is only for individuals who love travelling as much as I am, and want to travel and explore. You can find more about my favourite squad, on Facebook and Instagram! Just search the #DWsquad hashtag or read here for more information!

The Experience Collection

The experience collection is ..exactly what is sounds! A collection of experiences!

This section will feature all #DWsquad’s future adventures in Cyprus and abroad whether it is just a simple boat trip to Blue Lagoon, a camping experience in Pafos or a 10-day excursion to the Philippines. With just a click of a button, you will be able to join my squad and I, on our future trips around the world.

So how it works?

Every time there is an upcoming #DWsquad trip or experience, you will find the itinerary and all the information you need in the pages of the Experience Collection. Your next step is to reserve one of the limited seats for the experience and that’s it!

See you on our next adventure!

I know, I gave you a looot information to absorb! Just take it easy, relax and enjoy your time exploring Diary Wings Shop and Blog. In case you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email on


Thank you for supporting my dream and my community!


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