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Diary Wings is a bilingual blog, which is created by the wanderer and adventurer Katerina Vasou out of her great love for travelling and its goal is mainly to inspire, but also at the same time help those, who love travelling abroad but sadly believe it is a pipe, expensive dream. It is for all the kinds of travelers, from a backpacker to a luxury traveler. In this site, everybody finds something to relate to; from stories of couchsurfing experience low-budget get destinations to luxury resort reviews and tasting experience in sophisticated restaurants all over the world.

I have visited 40 countries and I have been travelling, at least, for the last 10 years, while I still continue my wanderings. The last two years, I try to spend at least the six out of the twelve months of the year travelling. So, my experience makes me an ideal partner for every travel-related partnership, either it is related to writing a travel article or to the advertisement of a product and its promotion through the website.

A day in Kastoria, Greece Monday, 27 July 2015


Bloggers have a very important position in the marketing industry, as many companies and services now work with at least one blogger. If you are looking for the perfect partner/ blogger, who will help you get advertised and promote your product, then possibly you have already found her!

I am open to many kinds of advertisement/promotion and I can guarantee the success of each project that I would be asked to carry out. If you want to attract the people, who love travelling, either it is in faraway countries or short getaways in Cyprus, then you can contact me to discuss your ideas, as well as the best way to make them happen.  Here are some of the services I offer.

Social Media Strategy: If you do not know how to make progress in the social media universe and you do not have an idea how to make your followers connect with you, or even if you just want more followers, then this service is suitable for you. I can advise you how to do business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and make a new image for your product or service, by increasing the number of your followers and by developing a closer relationship with them, which eventually will be beneficial for you.

At the same time, I offer real-time Social Media Coverage, mentioning your product in all the social media of Diary Wings. Social Media holds a great power and this is the most ideal way to show indirectly your products, using a social media influencer.

Giveaways: The most… fun way to get advertised and make the world talk about your product. You can work with me for a travel product giveaway or even a service (e.g. tickets, two-day stay in hotels and more). I do not charge for this service and all of the products will be given to followers, who will take part in the process of each giveaway contest.

Editorial Content: If you wish to promote your service or product through engaging posts in the Diary Wings’s website, then you could contact me. If this agrees with the blog’s style, then we could work together on a project, while yet I could offer you amazing product photography that will accompany the article. 

Reviews: They are only accepted if they regard travel-related products and services, such as hotels, photography equipment, cruises and even restaurants. Reviews will always state my personal opinion, and I will never refer to something I have not personally experienced. A post of the review will be made on the site and a promotion of it will be done on social media and also, I will send you the link so you can promote it to your own channels.

Banners: They are charged and they are available in 3 sizes. Banners are placed in the sidebar and can be used to advertise your own site or your travel-related product.

Engaging Videos: The site is successfully on YouTube and Vimeo with fun videos, which present the destinations I visit and the services/ products I use. If you want a more personal video in a warmer, more casual manner, which will make your customers desire your product or service, then I am open to proposals and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Content creation:  I love writing articles, which are successful mainly due to the light, friendly diction and the feeling of joy and excitement they send out. If you want me to contribute through my work to your newspaper, magazine or website by creating a content regarding travelling or blogging, then you could contact me.


I write only based on my personal experiences, and I am not interested in advertising or even referring to services or products that I have not tried myself.

If you have any other ideas regarding our cooperation, feel free to contact me so we can discuss it.

If you want to work with me on a project, then send me your detailed proposal via email at: 

For a more comprehensive overview, please see my media kit.