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Packing List | The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

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Why is packing for a trip such a nightmare for some of us? We are dealing with so much stress every single time we are about to travel! If you are anything like me, then you probably start packing a week before your trip, throwing random stuff in your bag which is wide open on your bedroom floor. And then the big day arrives and you feel more stressed than ever, trying not to forget something essential for your trip until you finally arrive at the airport and enter the gate. Then you slowly start to relax and that’s when it hits you! All the things you forgot to put in your bag comes to your mind! Your PJs, your flip-flops, your hairbrush, the phone charger that you left next to your bed, are only some of the most common things a traveler forgets to bring along. Sounds familiar?

Can I have your attention for a minute? I know this will shock you and your life will change forever after you hear this but I have to open your eyes. All those things you tend to forget to pack in your bag (except your money & passport) you can actually buy at your destination. WHAT? This is just unbelievable! Who would have known that they sell hair brushes and flip-flops in Croatia! Well, they do.


When You Forget to Pack That One Thing

We've all been there.

Posted by Condé Nast Traveler on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I am not saying that buying the same things over and over again is the perfect solution. If you tend to forget your stuff behind a lot, then spending money on things that you already have back home might not be the answer. So you need some other solution to your problem. And this is exactly what I have here just for you my forgetful friend! I created a detailed checklist with all the things that you might need in any kind of a travel excursion. From a camping trip to Corfu to a lavish holiday at a 5* resort in Bali, this checklist will be the holy grail for every traveler especially for those who are always forgetting something behind!

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The list, which you will find at the end of this post is not yet another travel-related checklist. Here you will find valuable information on all the documents you might need for ANY type of travel and even a detailed bullet list on how to prepare your house for a trip. Additionally, on the last page, you will discover a guide to hand baggage sizes and weight restrictions of low-cost airlines like RyanAir and Easy Jet along with a list of what you can and can’t take on a plane in your hand luggage. I’m telling you, is the BEST list ever!

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Don’t waste any more time! Print your checklist today, laminate it and put it in your cabin bag. This way you won’t only use it when you are getting ready for a trip, but also when it will be the time to pack again for your trip back home.

Let’s say you are in your hotel room which it’s a complete mess. Clothes under the bed, your makeup brushes inside a drawer and your jewelry inside the safety box. No reason to stress again! Use your printed, laminated checklist and go home with every last piece of your possessions. No more forgetting your phone charger or the book you were reading the night before, next to your bed. Trust me, if you think forgetting your things back home before a trip is stressful, try leaving them behind in a random hotel in a city you don’t even know how to pronounce and in a country that is on the other side of the Atlantic. Been there, done that.

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Safe flights my little travelers!

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Read the list and print it


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