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Dear Diary | Thessaloniki, Greece | Saturday, 25 July 2015

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This is my first day in Salonica.  My love for this city is indeed endless! As I am writing this, it is 11.26 pm and I am sitting on a bench under the White Tower. I am watching people walking about for their evening stroll. Some look more carefree, some are cycling, while others seem to have a spring in their step. “Wait up, what’s the hurry?  Slow down.  Enjoy it!” a young girl yells at her boyfriend who was fast-tracking, pulling her along. He instantly loosens up his step, hugs the girl and they both pass by me. The thought occurred to me then that sometimes we need a reminder to relax, to take it easy and enjoy every moment of our life.

Further down the road, I see a boy, sixteen or so, grilling corn, the smell filling my every pore. Suddenly the generator stops working and the boy jokes, “It’s Tsipras, he had the electricity killed!” causing laughter all around. I also laugh. I like it that people in this city and in Greece in general are no strangers to self-sarcasm and to mocking everything that goes on, even though things are difficult for them.

Now I feel dozy.  It must be the wine I had a while back at a charming Ladadika tavern. I move towards Aristotle Square.  I see groups of friends sitting at the bars scattered across the seaside, having fun, and couples kissing under the rather faint moonlight. Salonica is a romantic city, make no mistake about it.

I reach my hotel.  I have to leave you for now, I could really use some rest. Big day coming up tomorrow!

Until then, xoxo

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