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Learning the hard way! | Hiking and camping at Western Ghats, Kerala | Monday, 22nd February, 2016

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My head is spinning, my skin is on fire and cold sweat runs down my forehead at this very moment. I am during my camping and hiking trip here at Western Ghats in southwest India. I have just got into my tent, after more than 5 hours of hiking along the Papaty Shola trail.

kerala india western ghats #keralablogexpress

Western Ghats or Sahyadri, so you are fully informed, are a series of hills that are situated parallel to the west coast and belong exclusively to India. They are part of the UNESCO World Heritage list and they run along the vast Indian plains, from Bombay to the most southern part of the country. This area is considered one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. It is full of forests and the climate is so cool that it almost makes you forget you are in India.

kerala india western ghats #keralablogexpress

So, I am here at Suryanelli Camp along with Kalypso Adventures, right under the hill that bears the name “Phantom’s Head”. Can you see the top back there? This is where I “climbed” today. I have to admit I am not used to it. I guess my mother spoilt me a bit. Perhaps, it is the fact that I am not fit and I know nothing about this kind of activity. One thing is for sure. I am never going to hike again in such terrain. But then, never say never. You never know! I hiked wearing the wrong shoes, without sunscreen and hat. I had a scarf wrapped around my head and I did not want to ruin the mountaineering look I had adopted. Yes, it goes without saying that I have regretted it.

kerala india western ghats #keralablogexpress

ΟΚ, it looks like I have started moaning now, and it really isn’t my style. But I have to admit I am not at my best right now. I am lying in my sleeping bag and I can feel my head burning. There is a chance I am suffering from a sunstroke. I had it coming, though. I should have known better! Was it worth it? I will let you be the judge of that. The only thing I have to say is that your jaw will drop!

I can hear the laughter of my fellow bloggers that have gathered by the fire and are waiting for me to start eating (and drinking beer of course!). I am sitting inside, staring at the lamp right above my head, trying to recover my strength. I will slap myself two-three times, so I can wake up and take a look at what’s going on outside. Bye for now!

Until next time xoxo

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