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Israel Middle East Tips & Tricks

Israel on a budget | Tips for a cheaper but deeper trip

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Even though I was thinking about my experience in Israel while writing this article, I realized that everything you are about to read can be applied to many destinations. There are…

Inspirational MEXICO NORTH AMERICA Travel

Mexico Road Trip | 15 Days, 15 Awesome Moments

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“Mexico lindo y querido
Si muero lejos de ti
Que digan que estoy dormido
Y que me traigan aqui”

“My beautiful and beloved Mexico, should I die far from you.
let them say I’m…

Israel Travel

Everything you need to know before traveling to Israel

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Israel is a destination with a thousand faces, ideal for all types of travelers and for all tastes. Do you want a intense nightlife and a cosmopolitan feel? Go…

Cyprus Inspirational

How Traveling Made Me Fall In Love With My Own Country

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After finishing my studies in Greece, I decided to come back to Cyprus, mainly because of financial reasons and to put down some roots. Now only the thought of…

Cyprus Travel

12 Of The Most Impressive Sculptures of Ayia Napa Sculpture Park

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I spent the other day, almost two hours in the new Sculpture Park, that is located at the Cavo Greco- Kryo Nero junction,  in Ayia Napa and I think…

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