About Me

about me
Who is miss  Diary Wings?

Hello, beautiful friends!

I am Katerina, a Cypriot-born and bred, living and breathing for trips and adventure. My thirst for explorations and adventures in faraway countries is insatiable and the more I travel, the more my soul yearns for new experiences! How did all begin though and how did it end in the creation of this site?

about me

How it all began

They say that the wanderlust gene is hereditary. I guess this applies in my case since I come from a family of «travellers». My dad, also someone who loves adventure and one who has accompanied me in many of my trips, decided to initiate me into the magical world of traveling at the age of 12. The first time I got on a plane was to travel to Switzerland for vacation. My eyes were opened to an entirely new world and all I wanted was to see more of it. In due course, I realized that traveling is the best form of education, at least for me. I saw things under a new microscope, I was more open minded and dealt with the world in quite a different way than my peers.

Many years and many trips after, I decided to create this website in May 2015 so I could speak about my endless stories from distant India, exotic Costa Rica and the rest of the destinations I visit every year. My goal is to inspire those who wish to travel but do not, either because of financial constraints or because of other, personal reasons. I am here to show you how to plan cost-effective, but also luxury trips abroad and to prove that if you really, really want something, nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams.

At the same time, I will be sharing with you, my tips and tricks for a nice, comfortable trip, my impressions from the places I visit as well as the hot spots of every destination. I then leave you to navigate the pages of DiaryWings and I hope to meet you soon in one of my trips! Do not hesitate to contact me and let me know of any ideas you may have, describe your personal travel experiences or even suggest a future destination.

 diarywings@gmail.com is always open to new, exciting proposals!