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12 Travel Photos From Around The World Taken By You! #TravelingMode2016

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There is nothing that makes me happier than the touching messages, pictures and emails you send me! Always filled with excitement, you describe to me how much you enjoy yourselves at your travel destination and how much my blog influenced you in finally making the decision to book the trip you always wanted to go on with your best friend. I would be lying if I told you that I don’t get a tiny bit jealous when I see all the amazing, exotic places that you guys visit. But in the same time I also feel incredibly proud of you, for succeeding in making your dream come true! I am delighted beyond words that my blog inspires you to fulfill your travel goals and this makes me want to continue my work, with even more passion and dedication!

We are bound by our common love for travels!”

So, I thought, since I have a weak spot for you and since we share the same passion, I can borrow some of your pictures, to create this post which is clearly dedicated TO ALL OF YOU and to the lovely trips that you went on in the summer of 2016. Some of you used #TravelingMode2016 on Instagram, while some others sent me your pictures via email. I randomly gathered some and I present them to you below!  So, these are the 12 magical, authentic moments, without filters, without editing, that YOU lived and captured during the summer of 2016!

Malvina from Cyprus @malviniccRome, Colosseum

Malvina from Cyprus sends us her regards from the Colosseum in Rome with this postcard-perfect picture, making us reminisce upon our endless walks in the Eternal City. Malvina you brought back so many memories…

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.02.55

Celine from France @jepapote, French Alps

The one and only time I set foot in France was when I visited the French Alps with my father at the age of 12. I have to confess that this picture evokes sweet memories of the very first trip I went on in my life. Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture with us Celine!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.07.06

Kelem M.C.Mesquita from Brazil,  @kelemmesquita , Cachoeira Almécegas, State of Goiás , Brazil

The beautiful Kelem from Brazil knows exactly how to make us envious! The picture was taken at the Almesecas waterfalls in the State of Goiás in Brazil. If this picture doesn’t make you want to travel to her paradisiacal country , I am not sure what else could ever induce you. Kelem, there is no way out of it, I will come to Brazil next year rain or shine!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.14.16

Ektoras from Cyprus @e1me5, Malta

Ektoras visited the small island of Gozo in Malta, one of the destinations that are still pretty high on my travel bucket list and I haven’t visited yet. I confess that this is how I imagine my holiday there. Sipping some wine, enjoying the sea and being with my girlfriends. Can’t get any better than this! Except of course if you add a boat like this one on the list.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.25.31

Tereza Challita from Cuprus @terezacha, Mont Saint-Michel, France

Tereza used #TravelingMode2016 in a lot of her pictures and I honestly didn’t know which photo I should choose first. Each photo was better than the other! In the end I opted for this picture which looks like it comes from a Game of Thrones scene. Truly MAGICAL!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.27.53

Matthias from Germany @matthias_traveltelling, Am Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany

My friend Matthias from Germany, whom I met in India last February, proves us how magnificent the sunsets in Bavaria can be and especially at lake Ammersee!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.37.52

Andreas from Cyprus @andrenas77,  Agios Ioannis, Cyprus

The sky in gorgeous Cyprus is dreamy and full of stars, as always. Tell me, honestly, doesn’t this picture compel you to go to the countryside and camp under the starry sky? You never know. You might even see a comet.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.47.23

Andri Xirichi from Cyprus, Floating Market, Bangkok

This year, Andri travelled to beautiful Bangkok and bombarded me with a lot of pictures, not being able to hide her enthusiasm.  Who has ever been to Bangkok and managed not to fall in love with it?

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.53.23

Tasos from Greece, Aigina, Greece

Tasos sent me this picture, along with 4-5 other pictures and a message saying “just to make you jealous”. Bull’s eye! Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and this picture is here to prove it!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.58.03

Pambos from Cyprus @pambos.c, Venice, Italy

If I were in captivating Venice, hanging from a bridge so I could get a selfie, I would have the same wide smile on my face. Pambos is in love with Italy and it shows!


Eva Kyprianou, @evakyprianou, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City

Living the American dream! Who wouldn’t want to be in Evas’ shoes, who at this moment is wandering along the streets of New York. Sooner or later, though, the time will come for us to (re)visit it!


Kostantinos Kousiappis from Cyprus, @ridegaia, Road Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, Norway

For the end, I have left my beloved friend and fellow travel blogger Kostantinos who is living his own dream riding his motorcycle, and who occasionally sends me pictures like this one, along with an open invitation to visit him. If you don’t know his name yet you are bound to hear it a lot in the future. Approximately five months ago he left Cyprus with his motorcycle and a tent and a backpack to go on a tour around Europe without having set a return date. He has visited twelve countries so far, and at the moment he is in Poland. Bon voyage my fellow traveler! We are looking forward to more pictures.

What? You didn’t see your photos in this post? Don’t you worry! There will be a second part and perhaps even a third one. As long as you share your traveling experiences with me, I will dedicate more posts on YOUR experiences and stories! Until next time then! Never forget to always smile and remember that “good things come to those who book flights”.

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