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Talking to a friend the other day about my adventures in majestic India, I remembered an incident that occurred when I decided to go out at night and visit one of the most famous, biggest clubs in the area. My friend was shocked at the hearing of this since she knew that there is this rumour that rape levels in India are particularly high. When I told her the story though, she got excited but also called me stupid because she thought that I got lucky and that something bad could have happened to me.


I’m not in the habit of going out at night when abroad for safety reasons, especially in places where I don’t really feel safe.  In Agra, I had a guide whose name I can’t recall anymore – a young man coming from a wealthy background. After our morning tour at Taj Mahal and the rest of the city’s attractions, he suggested that we go out at night. The truth is I had heard a lot about Agra’s nightlife and wanted to get out a bit and forget all about my health problems during my trips to Nepal and North India the previous days. I said yes without thinking about it too much so at night I got ready and got out!


My guide informed me that we would be going to one of the city’s finest clubs, owned by one of his friends.  Getting there, we met the owner who led us to the VIP lounges of the club. The first thing that struck me was that I was the only girl in the club! It goes without saying that I kept thinking whether I had made a mistake going out at night with someone I barely knew so late at night. I have to admit that if this happened now, I would think twice before doing it.

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So here I am, sitting and enjoying my beer, while all out of a sudden various friends of my guide approach me one after the other. They are all VIPs, well-dressed, and it was very clear that they were curious to find out who the girl sitting with their friend was. Amidst loud music, I managed to make a lot of acquaintances and learn a lot of interesting stuff about life there. They were all members of the elite, children of lawyers and politicians, studying in the best universities of the country. Suddenly a young girl makes her appearance; she was the first girl I came across in the club!

She was accompanied by her husband, otherwise she couldn’t have come to the club. I saw another 5-6 girls with their husbands sitting in a quiet corner, enjoying music. The rhythm then changed and the DJ started playing indie music. Everyone got really excited and started dancing. My guide pulled me by the hand and onto the dance floor! Dancing and dancing no end! I was having a great time and did not hide that! I love dancing and never miss a chance to dance, whatever the music playing! From samba to… indie! The guide approached me and says «Wait for it, see what happens!» – I was left guessing. Then I saw him approach the DJ and I wonder to myself, «what the heck, is he going to request a song or what». I see him pointing at me! I go like «he’ll have me sing karaoke!». When the song finally changes, I hear screams of excitement, the DJ mumbles something in Hindi and «Katerinaaa!». A giant light singles me out.

My heart started pounding! Everyone then started dancing in the exact same way while every time the music stopped, they yelled my name! Imagine a three-level club dancing around me in the exact same way! I screamed out of enthusiasm and tried to mimic their moves! I felt like starring in a Bollywood movie! It was an unbelievable feeling and I didn’t want the music to end. Where is the damn camera when you need it?

The song finally ended and the night came to a conclusion. I said goodbye to my new friends (I do keep contact with some of them!) and got back to my hotel. A lot of you might think that I got off lightly and that the night could have taken an entirely different path. Fortunately nothing bad happened and the night ended up being one of the best of my life. I have decided since, that I will be enjoying nightlife irrespective of where I am. You never know when things like this happen! Just that next time, I hope to have my camera with me! Until next time! xoxo

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